Quality, Not Quantity

Andy Kaufman urges U.S. schools to recognize and credit Costa Rican immersion schools As colleges and universities in the U.S. look to simplify their operations and streamline the services they provide to their students, we’ve noticed a trend in U.S. schools accepting credit only from other colleges and universities abroad and not from specialized language…


Costa Rican Spanish

Like most places, Costa Rica has its own unique words, phrases, and uses of language, so even fluent Spanish speakers can learn something new ¡Pura vida! This is Costa Rica’s national motto and embodies the country’s attitude to life and the importance of nature to its people. Costa Rica has been a world leader in…


Spain’s Student Ambassador Program

View of the city from Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.This program is part of the initiative “Study in Spain“ developed by the Trade Commission – Embassy of Spain in Miami, Florida. The goal of the program is to promote Spain as an educational destination for students in the U.S. Student Ambassadors should have studied or…